October 28, 2008

"LoveG.E.A.R.S.: A Relationship Tool Book" Is Out!

The year-long endeavor is finally complete. LoveG.E.A.R.S.: A Relationship Tool Book has been written, revised, edited, and written some more...and IS NOW COMPLETE AND AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! The book, which ties in with Grant's interactive relationship show "LoveG.E.A.R.S." discusses keys to personal and interpersonal happiness, and helps the reader use his/her tools to the utmost in any personal relationships. Everything from knowing the most efficient way to avoid arguments, to knowing what exactly you can't live without with your lover, to just realizing that men are "dumb" and women are "crazy" is covered. It is written in a very open, conversational style, with a dose of humor on the side.

You can find out how to be happy, how to better communicate, and even find out if you have the right partner in the first place on AMAZON.COM and ONLY "Amazon.com"! Type in "Grant Edmonds" and the first entry will be the book. Check it out, and if you're feeling really kind, write a review! (After you read it of course, unless you know you're going to hate it, then write a nice one before prior to reading... ;) )

BTW, AFTER EVERY LIVE SHOW, GRANT SELLS HIS BOOK FOR $5 CHEAPER THAN YOU CAN GET ON AMAZON! You can have a personally addressed and signed copy!(Just something to remember if he's coming to your town...)

And yes, "The Collingswood Story" horror movie DVD listed up there does star yours truly...a long time ago in a land far far away...but you'll get way more out of my book...so just read that...and enjoy!

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