November 9, 2012

How are ya?  Thanks for visiting this here page of mine!  First of all, I 'd just like to say that I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you all during the conferences this and other duties called unfortunately!  HOWEVER, I am still touring and performing my interactive programming around this wonderful country of ours, and am still seeing many of your wonderful faces! :) 
I do have one main addition to my programming and that is the much-anticipated  LoveG.E.A.R.S. Part II!  It is a more fully integrated student-involved relationship show which features more Q &A, more games, and even money!  (In which students answer questions in a panel format, and whoever gives the best answers wins the most money!)  LG Part II is another hour of a whole lot of relationship-education, and quite a bit of hilarity on top!  (This show can be done in addition to part 1, during the same show, same day, or even within the same year....whatever fits your schedule!)
I hope you are all enjoying your school year, and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!  And gosh darnit, I will make it to Nationals, so if nothing else, I'll see you in February!  Til then, be safe, be fun, and be you!

April 12, 2012

Hello Northern Plainers!

Hello one and all!

It was great seeing everybody in St. Paul in late March! And of course, seeing everybody else in Charlotte at the end of February! (Was it just me, or was the Charlotte food the best...umm...EVER?!?) I had a blast as usual, and it's because of you guys! So thank you!

Are you and your campus looking for some fantastic interactive orientation programming for this June, July, or August? If so, please check out the Comedy Variety Game Show/LoveGEARS Dvd you picked up from the conference. Don't have one? No problem. You can check out some promo video on both shows right here on this site, in addition to some show information and even an interview with yours truly!

And just an update...I will be performing in the midwest and Northern Plains regions this August, so if your campus is in driving distance, you can get yourself a nice little discount! Plus, I am doing a summer orientation special (during June and July)--$1500 or less per show, and as little as $1000 per performance (depending on the number of shows and distance for travel of course)! So...just a little something to ponder for ya... ;)

One last thing...I know some of you are familiar with my LoveGEARS interactive relationship show...but in addition to performing that show in its entirety, I am also teaming up with THE ONE AND ONLY Joey Edmonds (comedy legend and owner of this here company) to perform a "Love and Fear Party" for college campuses! Joey entertains and discusses various fears and phobias with the student body, and I then take over performing a different version of the LoveGEARS program to complete the hour of education, interaction and fun! A great one-two punch for orientations and anytime you need some fun and interactive lectures on your campus!

That's it for now...hope to see you all soon, and good luck with the rest of your semester!

You rule! Be safe, be happy, and be you!
~Grant "Show Host" Edmonds