Comedy Variety Game Show

This show is the culmination of 30 years of imagination by your host, Grant Edmonds. A graduate of Butler University, he hosted his own university radio music and talk show for two years, and after graduation edited numerous television feature spots for Fox TV and also performed on screen in shows and movies such as  "The Sweetest Thing," "The Drew Carey Show" and "7th Heaven". His love of comedy, music, and dancing inspired him to create "The show Grant always wanted to see": a fully interactive, audience participatory comedy game show where EVERY CONTESTANT WINS CASH!
"I'm traveling throughout the country, me and my suitcase." says Grant with a laugh. "I have five fun games that we all play: Be A comedian, Be A Model, the Dating Game, an air-band competition, and a dancing game." What's the most fun? "The rotating Air Band at the end. These are the finalists. You get them all together at the end playing air instruments and they really are funny." Grant has essentially put together an interactive party game where his main prop is the student body. "That's the thing, I just love not knowing what to expect out of each show."

Spend 60+ minutes making new friends, making money, learning new things about yourself (and others), and laughing all the way!

Grant also hosts Love GEARS, an interactive, educational, comedic semi-lecture...with group therapy to boot!

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