August 2, 2010

A new year upon us! Woohoo!!!

Hello one and all!  All of you currently involved in student activities, student governments, or just those of you who are curious...welcome back to the site of Grant!  As I start my 8th year of touring my game show, and my 5th year of performing LoveG.E.A.R.S., I find that I am more excited than ever to see all of your happy faces!  And therefore, I am more motivated than ever to help you all have the most fun you've ever had at an interactive performance!

You guys are the reason I'm here, doing what I love.  I loved college when I went there as a student, and I still love it as a performer.  There's nothing like that time in your life...when ideals and optimism and the willingness to learn overshadows the common everyday cynicism and boring routine found in so many other facets of existence.    And that collegiate mentality and attitude I try to stick to...for you guys, and for myself, because I believe that is a healthier way to live.   My shows are a reflection of that attitude...I strive to provide a positive, stimulating experience where the audience has a ton of fun, and learns a lot about themselves along the way.  Every person is unique, special, and gifted in their own ways, and I enjoy illuminating that during  my shows.  I stress the importance of independent thinking, and seeing the value of YOU!   This stuff isn't just important during the hour+ I perform, or just important for your college career, but these lessons  influence every day of the rest of your life.  After all, if you know yourself, and know how to have fun in any situation, your life will be a happy productive one!  Who wouldn't want that?

And hence, that's why I do what I do...

But blah, blah,

I hope you have a great school year, and hope you enjoy perusing my pages.  Check out my vids, read my "articles", check out my schedule...whatever floats your boat.  Hope to see you soon at a campus or conference near you!

Be happy, be healthy, be you!~G