Love G.E.A.R.S.

"If I knew half the stuff at your age that I know now about relationships, I would have saved myself a LOT of problems...and a lot of therapy!"
In Grant's 30 years of existence, no one thing has been more important to him than the nature of relationships. Whether it's friendships, romantic relationships, or just a relationship with yourself, the nature of human beings has always been his highest priority of study. In Love GEARS, Grant shares his wisdom, his experiences, and most of all his humor regarding anything relationship-worthy. He invites the student body to play a series of games and share their thoughts about this topic as well. From The Dating Game to The Couples Game to Ask Guru Grant, students learn about themselves and their relationships with others, laughing all along the way.

While Grant has learned and studied about the nature of relationships for years, he's still just one of the students at heart. "I'm no psychiatrist or therapist, just one of you -- still learning, making mistakes, but with the same goal as everyone... to truly love myself and those closest to me in the best way possible. The best part is, I learn from the students as well, so we all teach each other a thing or two during the hour we have together." Some of the concepts Grant teaches involve learning what type of soulmate fits you best, techniques to overcoming relationship crises, techniques for more effective communication, and most importantly, learning about who you really are and what you need from a partner and from yourself. Love GEARS -- The interactive, educational, comedic semi-lecture...with group therapy to boot!

Grant also hosts the Grant Edmonds Comedy Variety Game Show...a show dedicated to the other half of his personality...his "special" half...

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