March 5, 2008


The LoveG.E.A.R.S. program has been garnering more and more attention during its four-year run, culminating in the Campus Activities Magazine Reader's Choice Awards nomination of 2007 Novelty show of the year.

Unfortunately, Grant didn't win. But he did win runner-up!

For those of you new to Grant's programs...Grant hosts two different novelty shows, "The Comedy Variety Game Show" and "LoveG.E.A.R.S.", but is most thrilled that his latest creation was the one given the accolades.  "Many people know about my Comedy Variety Game Show since it's been around for about 6 years," says Grant, "but I'm glad that LoveG.E.A.R.S. has now been given recognition.  It's actually my favorite of the two!  And students know I love the game show, so...if that gives you any indication."  Grant has performed for over 300 campuses and says, "Thank you all who have attended, appreciated, and participated in my shows over the years! YOU are the reason I entertain (and educate)! I loves yous guys! Big kiss...little kiss...big kiss etc."

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