February 10, 2013

A New Year!


A new year brings forth resolutions, and in order to make resolutions come true, one has to work at it...and so I have!  I am looking forward to bringing not just two quality programs to your campus, but a third!!  In addition to the Comedy Variety Game Show, and the relationship show LoveGEARS, LoveGEARS Pt. II is now in effect!  Great for campuses where a LoveGEARS performance recently occurred, and for those campuses that wouldn't mind more interaction, and some money as well!  Part 2 revolves around a student panel who discusses relationship questions posed by myself and the audience, and the panel gets paid for their answers!  In addition, new games focusing on needs and communication will be utilized!  And of course, more in-depth information will be discussed by yours truly regarding the dating process--from the first introductory words to say to someone down to the act of intimacy--it's all fair game!  It's truly the endless topic!

In other news, yes, it's not a typo (or the twilight zone)--I am now a very proud member of
Bass-Schuler Entertainment!  And no, the family and I didn't have a falling out over incorrectly purchased Christmas presents...it was just a better fit for everyone involved!  JEP is all about standup comedy now, and I don't have the time necessary for being essentially my own agent...so voila!  I figured why not join Agency of the Year 2012?!?  So all's well!  Looking forward to seeing all of you even more this year!

And finally, speaking of seeing you~ I will be in Nashville Sunday the 17th in the marketplace to see all of your lovely faces!  (And maybe some more, depending on my schedule...)  It's been too long!  But I will see you all soon!

Take it easy, have fun, work hard, and be you!