November 1, 2010

Pleasure seeing you all!

Hello everybody!

I just would like to say that it has been a pleasure meeting/seeing you all in St. Louis in February! (And some of you I saw in Chicago as well) You all make the conferences (and shows of course) a ton of fun for me to attend! I hope you made it worth your while too!

Just wanted to remind you that my agency and I appreciate the interest you have taken in either my Comedy Variety Game Show and LoveG.E.A.R.S. programs (the latter of which I performed on Sunday morning in St. Louis at 9 AM. You woke up and made the show, right?) I am looking forward to seeing you at your school one day soon! Spring is (already!) almost upon us, and if you need to finish off with a bang, check out my game's a heck of a way to bring excitement to the end of a semester! And of course, the next school year is within striking distance, and I'm sure you'll have orientation presentations to set up (for which both of my shows are well-suited)! The Variety Game Show is a perfect ice-breaker, and LoveG.E.A.R.S. is a fantastic way to help new students create a healthy basis for their new collegiate relationships!

Thanks for your time and attention! I'll catch up with you soon!

~Grant "LoveGEARS Guy" Edmonds

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